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Ah, the Fashion Designer’s Wholesale Line Sheet. Such an important tool for anyone who is planning to sell to buyers, but still something that remains a thorn in our sides.

You don’t have time to waste creating it from scratch. A template is a much better idea.

Line sheets are an important part of your fashion business if selling wholesale is part of your business sales strategy.

The first thing a buyer will ask you for is your line sheet if they’re interested in possibly carrying your line. You need it when you email a buyer, when you participate in trades shows, and when you have buyer meetings.

You want to have them created and on hand, ready to send out at the nano-second’s notice, for those perfect days when a buyer emails you!

This Product includes:

  • 1 year of access to a detailed line sheet template that allows you to add your logo, images, and product details (no limit to number of products)
  • Create unlimited PDF line sheets to e-mail to your buyers, or just send your buyers a custom link to your line sheet (up to 4 separate line sheets can be hosted)
  • Fully customizable – Change all text and field labels, and choose to hide or show any text sections.
  • A very easy to use format that allows you to add or delete products with one button

See how to use the line sheet template: