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There’s two types of brands:


1. Your PersonalBrand


2. Your BusinessBrand


>> Most people don’t see this way but every single person has a personal brand. Now the easiest way to explain #branding is by simply asking you this question. What are the first 3 words that pop in your head when you here the word “Diddy”?


>> For me it’s, 1 #BusinessMogul, 2. #Entertainer & 3. #Charismatic . Why do these things pop in my head? It’s because he’s branded himself and CONSISTENTLY gives content that allows my to subconsciously attach those traits to him.


>>This applies to everyone If you always work out, you’ll be perceived and branded as someone whose into fitness. If you’re always dancing, you’ll be branded as someone who dances.


>> You’ve consistently gave content that gives off that perception. Now depending on how good you are , anytime I think of dancing or fitness, guess who I’ll subconsciously think of? YOU. This is then your opportunity to turn your personal brand into a way to make money., i.e your business brand. For example I see this girl on Facebook gossiping all day, ranting and venting about people all down her timeline. She has successfully branded herself as a GOSSIPER.


>> She can now transition that into a business where she gets paid to gossip lol. Sounds funny but people are entertained by gossip.


>> This goes the same for every industry. You like to model? Snap pics? Do #Makeup? Host #Events? #Workout? #Organize things? Give #advice? Make #music? Brand yourself first. Show your personality, invest in you and build credibility by being consistent and you’ll then be able to turn it into streams of £££.


>>I’ve branded myself as a ‘CREATIVE’ through my networks and because of that I have the credibility to start any creative venture I want. A lot of times people rock with businesses because they like and respect the person running it and are willing to support all ventures.


>> Think #Diddy, JustinTimberlake, Oprah, KimKardashian, DrDre, 50Cent who all make millions by just being themselves. Email me ( Lets talk.


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