Logo design, What your logo should do for you?

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You have a business idea and you've decided you're going to need a logo. What you don't do is to waste your time browsing the web for free logo designs, click here to read up on what a logo is and which type of logo is right for you before you do anything else.

A logo is the face of your business. It serves as a reference point to identity you when people come into contact with your business, products or services. If you've read my previous article on this series and you now logo what a logo is, I'll share with you what your logo should accomplish for your business.

Now that you're familiar with what a logo is and how important it is.
Remember this, a logo's purpose is Identification not communication. Your logo should first and foremost identify you, not communicate what you do. Here's why: when you try to visually communicate what you do with your logo, it is highly possible that it could limit you in the long run. This is because what you do will change as you grow and expand your business.

There's a trend I've seen online lately with small businesses. They infuse their logo with equipment and instrument depicting what they do for people. For example, an hairdresser would have a comb or scissors in their logo and likewise a barber would have a clipper or blade in theirs. This appoach is wrong and would limit a business that wants to grow. The right approach would be to simply express your vision and where you want to be rather than what you do. Let me explain, Amazon have never had a book in their logo even though the company started with selling books online. If Amazon expressed what they did literally the company would have limited itself from expanding into the giant that it is now. Nike started out selling shoes, imagine they had shoes or shoe laces in their logo. Does Nike still sell shoes? Yes. Are they a shoe brand or are they in the business of "bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world." Exactly, Think Bigger!

Now that's out of the way. Here are 3 things your logo should do for your business, products and services.

1. Identification. The most important function of a logo. When people come in contact with your logo, the first thing they want to know is, who you are, not what you do. So make sure your logo is unique and you have the right name, the right font and color so people can easily identify you.

2. Differentiation. Differentiation is the aim of branding. If your logo is not overly different from others in your industry it'll be hard for people to tell you apart from competitors or see the value you bring to them. Believe it or not people think being different is better than being better. So aim to differentiate yourself from the pack.

3. Memorable. In order for your logo to achieve memorability it has to be simple. The simplicity of your logo doesn't takeaway from the fact that it still has to be unique and meaningful. If your logo is memorable it creates a lasting impression on people's mind.

The bottom line is your logo is the face of your business and the more care you put into creating it, the better people will think of you and want to do business with you.


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