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I wanna share a dope concept I learned. It’s from the book “The Dip” by Seth Godin.

It’s like this:


“Every new endeavor you start will be fun and exciting in the beginning. You’re learning something new, it’s engaging, and you’re seeing results as you get better. Soon enough though, you will experience “The Dip”. It will no longer be fun. It’s getting repetitive and tedious. Your results seem to pause and you’re not sure if you want to do this anymore. However if you keep pushing through “The Dip” then things will get much better, you’ll start mastering this endeavor, and you’ll receive all the rewards you can handle.”


Think about it, this has huge application in the business game. Most people quit right in the middle of the dip. Right when they are about to make their breakthrough, they give up. They’ve been working for 5 years and feel like they haven’t gotten anywhere so they stop. Guess we’ll never know what that 6th year could’ve held for you. You could have been right there and then thrown it all away.


Don’t let this be you.


If you know that you’re born to be fashion mogul, then do that shit.

If you know that you’re born to be a musician, then do that shit.


Keep going hard and you’ll end up where you need to be.


I’ll end with a quote by Thomas Paine that captures the essence of what I’m sharing with you:

“What we gain too easily we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only that gives everything it’s value. Heaven knows how to put the proper price on it’s goods.”




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