How To Reach Out To IG Influencers

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When @iamskyeharris purchased IG promo from #BlacChyna, she received over 95 sales! 🙌🏽 she strongly believes (and so do we) that you should use IG influencers weekly, if not daily, to grow your business.

Skye says: "When reaching out to influencers, don’t be nervous. Majority of influencers are very laid back". Simply say:

Hi, My name is (insert your name), the owner of (company name). I’m interested in your IG promo services. May I have your rates? Feel free to check out my website at: insert your website name

Short and sweet, two things IG influencers love. Lastly, when booking promo, don’t forget to ask the influencer what day and time he or she receives the highest engagement. This will ensure your promo performs at its best."
If you need additional help with Instagram, check out her eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Instagram. It’s available on her website (link in @iamskyeharris bio).

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