How To Boost Sales (Online)

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How To Boost Sales

I got asked 10 minutes ago in my Instagram DM's, 'Warren, How do I boost my sales?'

I replied 'Do you have a website?'

He said 'No.'

So I advised him:

'Get a website to boost sales.
Then run Instagram and Facebook ads to your website to DOUBLE your sales.

Then on your website, write 'how-to' blogs about fashion and other topics about your brand in order to TRIPLE your sales.
(Writing blogs will boost your google search ranking meaning you will show up on the 1st page of google.)

Once you have done all 3 steps, you will have yourself a six figure business. So do yourself a favour... and get a website.'

Listen you gotta understand how important a website is. Some of us know this but some of us still haven't got the idea yet. Answer me this:

Should you open a bakery without a shopfront?
Would you open a gym and have no work out equipment inside?
Could you start a successful online business without a website?

If you answered yes to any of these then you need help lol. Serious help.

Honestly, its all about keeping it simple. Stop over complicating things. 
1. Website
2. Run Ads
3. Blog / Vlog

In todays world, these 3 things make up for 80% of successful brands online.

so go out there and lockdown these 3 steps to secure the bag :)

Catch you in bit.



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