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Some entrepreneurs understand what planning is but most don’t plan effectively enough to create a viable business model. Your Business Plan / Business Model Roadmap is your GPS that directs you to your business goals. It’s the backbone and foundation of your brand’s business. It’s not a 50 page wall of texts that nobody is ever going read like most people think.


Drafting your Business Model Roadmap is as simple as answering the following 10 business model questions:

1. BRAND NAME: What your is your business brand name?

2. TARGET AUDIENCE: What type of people are trying to target?

3. CUSTOMER PROBLEMS/NEEDS: What problems are you trying to solve for your target audience?

4. FREE VALUE: What free services will you provide that help solve your audience’s problems and needs?

5. REVENUE STREAM: How does your brand plan to generate money?

6. PERCEPTION: How do you want to be perceived by your target audience?

7. COMPETITORS: What other business brands are similar to yours?

8. CHANNELS: Where do you go to find & market to your target audience?

9. COST STRUCTURE: What will your fixed business expenses be to develop your brand?

10. KEY METRICS: How will you measure the progress of your business. What key info will you look for?

Real simple right?…but you’ll surprised how many of us that are in business right now can’t answer these questions for you on the top of of our head.

If you own a business and you can’t answers these questions instantly, you might want to sit down and complete your business model roadmap immediately. . 💯👍Thanks for reading!

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