4 Secrets To Promoting & Building Barber Clientele

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4 Secrets To Promoting & Building Barber Clientele

Lets assume your a brand new barber...


1. Tell Everyone You Know
Let all your friends and family know your a barber and now cutting hair. If your situated in a shop invite everyone down to get haircuts from you. Friends and family will support you if your able to prove you can offer a good enough service.

Its always difficult for new barbers as theres that dreadful 'proving' stage because no one wants a botched up fade! but it doesn't take long to overcome that with a little persistence and consistency. Show people your seriously in this as a career and not a hobby/way to make money.

They'll eventually see you as an expert and earn their trust.


2. Create Brand Pages On Social Media

Everyone and their cat now has social media so if you don't, then you missing out on a lot of money, period. Starting a facebook, instagram and youtube account is the best way to get started. 

The trick is however not just post anything. You must post:

1. Pictures showcasing you recent cuts,
2. Videos of you cutting hair live
3. Tips on how to keep your hair well groomed and in good condition.

This helps position you as an expert (as mentioned in step 1) and as someone who 'knows their craft'. Remember, people wanna do business with experts, so position yourself as one by posting the above 3x a day. It will take around 3-6 months of constant results to build a solid clientele.


3.  Offer Incentives To Customers

Offering incentives and special offers to get new customers through your door should be apart of every barber and hair stylists marketing arsenal. Why? because we all love saving money. its human nature!

You offer:

1. 50% off your next cut if your post and tag me on your instagram
2. Free cut if you bring a friend

Number one is great because its free promotion for you. How? because bob posting his new haircut on his instagram page means all his 500 followers not enjoy his fresh fade but also wonder in awe as to who cut his hair. plus your page will be tagged to his picture meaning they'll get to follow you and your work.

Number 2 is incredibly effective swell because everyone wil bring their friends with them to get a free haircut, which means you get to cut a new persons hair and if you deliver a great job, they'll come back time and time again.


4. Keep A Customer Record To Contact

This step separates the successful from the super successful barbers.  Following up immediately after after your cut a clients hair to set up your next appointment. Most men get haircuts every fortnight (no not the game, every 2 weeks. stay focused! lol) which means if you don't follow up with them to set your next appointment you run the risk of losing them to another barber. So follow up in a non-sales way.

Simply tell them 'because of the new shavers i've recently bought and all the social media work i'm doing, now my client base is expanding so I wanna make sure I can fit you in ahead of everyone else.' This woks wonders and reassures you clients that you have their best interest at heart (which you always should as without them you make no money)

This hands down is the most profitable way to build a profitable barbershop and attract clients.


Facebook + Youtube + Instagram = £££


BONUS: If you want to go a stead further, you can run facebook and IG ads. Just promote your posts to people within a 2 mile radius of you.



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