• From Employee To Entrepreneur

    October 31, 2016

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    From Employee To Entrepreneur: “I want to chase my dream but I have bills and I can’t do it right now “. This is the excuse a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs tell themselves. There’s 5 crucial things that you need to do to help you move forward. 1. Ask. Don’t be afraid to …

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  • How To Start A Dope Clothing Business

    October 25, 2016

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    You came here because you wanna know how to start a clothing line and you’re passionate about it. Starting a clothing brand is an dope experience and you’re gonna have a lot of personal growth as well as business and financial growth if you stay with it. The following are 5 tips to help you succeed in …

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  • Using branded merchandise to market you business?

    October 17, 2016

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    While it might bring to mind the cheap pens and plastic toys often given away as promotional gifts, merchandising can be a valuable way of connecting with customers

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  • Logo Branding & Brand Development

    October 14, 2016

    Your brand image speaks volumes about who you are alongside the quality of your services. Our expert brand-building team will ensure that a consistent and engaging image is maintained over all brand platforms.   Lets get started on your brand logo now

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  • Flyers & Business Cards

    Posters, flyers, invitations and advertising are all areas where typographic know how and attention to detail are needed in the design process. We can design for print in a professional and creative way.

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  • Screen Print

    With our extensive variations of strong colour and quality machinery, our screen print service gives an exceptional detailed print. Screen print has proved to be an industry favourite an defiantly stands the test of time. Perfect for large orders and merchandising.

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  • Embroidery

    Whether its caps, shirts, jumpers or blazers our embroidery service offers top quality and high detailed finishing. Including flat, 3D and aplique techniques. Precision needling and a wide selection of colours truly leave a strong impact on garments and designs.

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  • Sublimation

    This is the latest technology in garment printing. Not only is this very cost effective with exceptionally digitized quality, we also use a specialised inkjet technology which means you can be sure every print stands out with incredible detail. This leaves endless opportunity for creative design. Perfect for printing on white or dark colour garments.

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  • Vinyl Heat Transfer

    Being one of the only companies to multi layer colours, we are truly ahead of the pack. Our supply of many different materials, colours and effects give you absolute freedom to be totally creative! Ideal for sports kits & stag/hen do’s.

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